Turn law firm business development into a practical science

We help law firms develop a structured approach to business development by creating practical strategies and implementable systems — down to the level of everyday actions.

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We can help if

You lack stability

Your law firm’s revenues are in a feast-or-famine mode. Some months bring you a lot of rain, others bring abject poverty.

You have nightmare clients

Your clients come straight from hell. They treat you like an order-taker, haggle on fees, disrespect your time, and take forever to pay up.

You have no differentiation

Thousands of lawyers do exactly what you do. Clients treat your service as a commodity (because it is).

You are winging business development

You have no formal business development process, strategy, systems, or metrics. Your best bet is posting on LinkedIn and hoping leads will come running.

We provide clarity and focus

We help law firms see past the noisy distractions, make sense of the business development process, and grow in a structured way.

Through high-touch consulting, we help you align your everyday routines with your larger goals. We create business development strategies, plans, systems, and processes for our clients. This helps them take a disciplined approach to business development, acquire new clients, and retain existing ones.

We also advise law firms in a continued capacity, helping them make better decisions along the way, and act as their voice of reason.

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Focus Areas

Strategic planning

Align your larger goals with your everyday tasks by formulating a strategic plan for your firm’s future.

Sales consulting

Personalized consulting aimed at helping law firms get more clients, retain them for long periods and build rewarding relationships.

Service Re-Engineering

Raise fees, cut costs, and increase profitability by reimagining how you deliver your services to your clients

Examples of our work

  • Helped a law firm (specializing in corporate advisory) achieve service differentiation. We first helped the client carve out a unique positioning and modify its service offerings and marketing message based on its new market position. The engagement then led to us developing a formalized sales, marketing, and servicing plan for the firm. Implementation of our advice led to a four-fold increase in top line revenue in less than 24 months.
  • Helped a generalist, full-service law firm productize over 60% of its low-cost offerings, leading to over 35% increase in profit margins and increased sales volumes. The firm was also able to free up human capital to focus on high-touch consulting work, while simultaneously maintaining a steady source of revenue from procedure-heavy work.

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We’ll help you diagnose the problems, understand the reasons and figure out a path to their solutions.

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TEAL Raises Funding To Transform Land And Property Records In India

Bengaluru-based proptech startup Terra Economics & Analytics Lab or TEAL has raised $2 Mn (INR 14.8 Cr) in a Pre-Series A round led by Omidyar Network India with participation from existing investor Info Edge.

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Karnataka HC second in using ‘eCourts’ in lockdown

BENGALURU: The Madras High Court stands first in the country among 28 high courts in hearing cases through video conferencing (VC) since the beginning of lockdown period which was imposed in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

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As HC YouTube channels become a hit, SC panel plans exclusive platform to livestream courts

Supreme Court e-committee felt the need for a streaming platform after six HCs launched their own YouTube channels. But live-streaming of court proceedings is likely to be voluntary.