Careers, are not just jobs.

Build a rewarding career in management consulting. Grow with a company which invests in your personal and professional growth.

Our Culture

We are a remote firm, with employees distributed across countries and ethnicities. We give you the autonomy to work the way you work best, because we care about results more than efforts, and about actions more than intentions.

We are focused, take responsibility for actions, and respect our workplace colleagues. We are selective in who we hire or work with; and care deeply about achieving the crucial alignment between company’s and individual’s growth.

Traits we look for


Strong Work Ethic

We look for teammates who are conscientious, hard-working, disciplined, and self-motivated.


Extreme Ownership

We look to work with people who take absolute responsibility for what they do and don’t.


Problem Solving

We like working with analytical, imaginative thinkers who get joy out of solving everyday problems.


Lifelong Learning

We hire individuals who are relentless learners, and approach life with a sense of curiosity.

Life at Sidebar Advisory

Jona Agolli


Greatful to be part of a culture where everyday I push boundaries and challenge myself. Working at Sidebar in the early days of my career has really shaped me and prepared me for the real world.

Job Board

There are no openings at the moment, Please check back later.

Can’t find a suitable opening ?

We are always on the lookout for driven, energetic, and skilled talent who match our values and culture. If you’d like to work with us, please write to us at admin@sidebaradvisory.com with a cover letter and your LinkedIn profile.

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